Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan KICKS Priyanka Jagga Out Of The House!


Bigg Boss 10 contestants Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga’s extreme violent and malevolence behavior has disturbed the house like never before. The two have stooped down to every level in order to give sleepless nights to the housemates. In fact, Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga have managed to give more of spice and contestant to the show with their disgusting behavior.

As we saw in the last episode, despite being ill, Priyanka Jagga left no stone unturned to humiliate Lopamudra Raut by calling her sl*t. This created a huge fight between the two, which made Lopamudra Raut also abuse her in return. Things went too ugly in the house. Priyanka Jagga also made some personal comments on Manu Punjabi’s mother, which was quite unexpected.

Well, now just before the shooting of Salman Khan’s weekend ka vaar episode, Priyanka Jagga has left the house.