Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan Lost His Temper At Priyanka Jagga While Watching Highlights In His Chalet-Know Details Here


Bigg Boss 10 makers might have got Priyanka Jagga back inside the house as a wild card entrant to create havoc but little did anyone know that she will behave rudely and fight with star host Salman Khan also. Tonight, Salman Khan will be seen in his worst mood ever after Priyanka misbehaves and throws tantrums at Salman Khan. Before you gear up to watch tonight’s intense episode of Bigg Boss 10, we EXCLUSIVELY reveal some inside happening from the sets of the reality show.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Salman Khan had lost his temper the moment when he watched the highlights of the week in his chalet. Yes, before shooting for the weekend episode, Salman Khan goes through the happenings of the week and that’s when he lost his temper. The actor could not take the disgusting attitude of Priyanka Jagga towards other contestants. In fact, even the crew members on the sets were quite shocked to see Salman Khan in such bad mood. He immediately walked towards the sets to take her class and what happens next is known to all.

With no grand entry, Salman immediately began shooting for the episode. While interacting with the contestants, Salman Khan says, “Priyanka Jagga is the most aggressive contestant and also the one who abuses a lot on the show

Priyanka reacts back to this and says, “I will do more”,  This did not go well with Salman Khan and he asked Priyanka Jagga to leave the house. The Sultan star says, “Do not use this tone with me as this drama will not be tolerated here, please leave my home.” 

Angry Salman also said that if Colors channel will get Priyanka Jagga in the house again, he will never ever work with the channel in the future. The actor made a very stern statement and going by his tone, we think, he surely means it. Right step taken by Salman Khan? Share your views in the comments section below.

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