Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: You Won’t Believe What Om Swami Did With 2 Weeks Immunity!

Adding a dash of more fun and twist to the game, we Exclusively reveal, Bigg Boss introduced another biggest immunity task and the opportunity landed up only to Om Swami. Yes, Bigg Boss called Om Swami in the confession while the housemates were asked to gather in the living area of Bigg Boss 10 house. Now here comes a huge twist in the game as Bigg Boss gave Om Swami a golden opportunity to get 2 weeks immunity but that’s not all.

In order to get two weeks immunity, Om Swami has to give up Rs 10 Lakhs from the winning price money. Yes, if Om Swami chooses to take 2 weeks immunity, whopping Rs 10 Lakh will be deducted from the winning amount of the show. This means other housemates will also suffer if Om Swami takes the immunity. Now when Om Swami was called inside the confession room to take this decision, housemates were asked to watch the whole procedure on the TV from the living area. Yes, every bit of Om Swami’s reaction was witnessed by the housemates.

But the question of the moment is, did Om Swami take the immunity? Did he become selfish or gave up his two weeks immunity for the housemates?