Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: You Won’t Believe Which Two Contestants Will Fight For The Captaincy!


As we saw in the last episode, Bigg Boss 10 contestants gear up for the captaincy task, “Toofan”. The Bigg Boss 10 house has turned into Kashmir and every time when there will be ‘Barfeela toofan’, the housemates have to run inside the igloo. The contestant, who will be the last person to enter the igloo, will be out of the captaincy race. Well, this happened for the seven times, which means only two at the end will compete for each other for the next captaincy task!

Well, the housemates left no stone unturned to give their best to become the top two contenders of the task. And guess what? The house has found two contenders for the next captaincy task and the names are surely surprising. We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, two contestants have won the “Toofan Task” and will fight with each other to become the new captain of the house. Any guesses who are the contenders?

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