Exclusive Bigg Boss 11: Four Padosi Contestants Are All Set To Create Trouble!

salman khan bigg boss

Just a few hours to go for Salman Khan’s popular reality show Bigg Boss 11 to return on television. This season, viewers are expecting a lot of controversies, drama, and entertainment from the show once again. The interesting part of the show is that the makers have got celebrity and commoners together once again for this season.

Another unique thing that makers of Bigg Boss 11 have got is never seen the concept of ‘padosi’. Yes, this time not one but there are two houses. We Exclusively reveal that the contestants are divided into two groups. The contestants of main house have all the privileges and the other contestants of the ‘padosi’ house are struggling for survival.

Some of the celebrity contestants have entered the main house while four contestants (2 male and 2 female) have entered the ‘padosi’ house from where they are keeping an eye at the contestants of the main house.  The 4 contestants have all the eyes at the contestants of the main house and will be seen taking their fitness and capability tests. In short, the four contestants will be grilling the contestants of the other side.

Yes, the four contestants of the ‘padosi’ house have been given authority to question the contestants of the main house about their capability to stay inside the house. The contestants of the main house are completely unaware about some contestants locked inside the ‘padosi’ house. They would be able to hear the questions only through the mic.

Now what happens next, we shall find out soon! We are sure there are going to be lots of drama and fights inside the house.

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