EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss 9: Kishwer Merchant Breaks Her Silence Over Prince Winning The Ticket To Finale


Bigg Boss is synonym with controversies. Recently, we saw how Prince Narula and Kishwer Merchant battled against each other to get ‘ticket to finale’ in Bigg Boss 9 house. It was a difficult moment for the two, but eventually they came out with a decision and that’s how Kishwer chose to walk out of the show with Rs 15 Lakh, while Prince entered the grand finale of the season.

After sitting all night inside the booth to get ‘ticket to finale‘ opposite Prince Narula, with no option, Kishwer Merchant quit the game and walked out of the house with Rs 15 Lakh, offered by Bigg Boss.

Initially, when ticket to finale task started, Kishwer promised that she will win the task only for her boyfriend Suyyash Rai, but later she was convinced by Prince to give up the game.

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As Kishwer treats Prince as her brother in the Bigg Boss 9 house, only for his sake, she quit the game. Prince was successful in trying to convince Kishwer and that’s how he became the first finalist of the show, while Kishwer had to leave the house.

Salman Khan slammed Prince over this, for not giving up the task for Kishwer Merchant, despite of calling her as his sister. Salman questioned Prince on why he didn’t give up the task and that he fooled Kishwer by giving her relationship tag of sister.

On this, Prince replied to Salman Khan giving the reasons of the contract signed and much more, which made Salman Khan more angry.

So then Salman Khan asked Kishwer Merchant on how she is feeling about being evicted from Bigg Boss 9 and towards Prince. Kishwer confessed that she was a little disappointed. But Salman Khan is very smart, he just caught the feeling she was going through and said, not little, but you are very disappointed with Prince.

Kishwer agreed and said, ‘yes, Prince considers me his sister and always told me that i will do anything for you, but not even once he told me that he would sacrifice the ticket to finale task for me. Not even once he offered to press the buzzer, for me to win the ticket. I am upset and disappointed about that. I shared a very good bonding with Prince, i find him amazing and i really think of him as my brother. And i really feel it was him or me who would be the winner of the show.’

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