EXCLUSIVE Bigg Boss 9: Salman Khan And Rimi Sen Had An Heated Argument


Heated-Argument-The second week of Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble was no easy week. The contestants went through tough tasks, arguments, fights, misunderstanding and basically everything what viewers wanted.

Salman Khan is back for the second week of eliminations. First part of the episode showed that Prince Narula and Mandana Karimi were safe.

We are aware of the fact that Salman is known to tease the contestants and also call them out when someone is doing wrong on the show. This time it was Rimi Sen’s turn. We all know how Rimi has been showing disinterest in the show. She is neither interacting with people nor she is participating in the tasks. Recently, she didn’t participate in selfie task saying “Main ek chocolate box ke liye apne mooh pe ghusa nahi marwana chahti! Mera shakal mere liye bahut important hai”. Bigg Boss has been keeping an eye on Rimi and so is Salman.

Salman decided to play a prank on Rimi. He says that Bigg Boss has decided to give her the finale ticket. That means, now she has to be in the house for next 3 months. This made Rimi so angry. She said that Endemol is trying to harass her. She wants to leave the house but the production house is just doing the opposite. After all that rant, Salman couldn’t hold his laughter for too long. He admitted that they were just playing prank on her. Rimi bursts into tears saying this is not the way to joke around with someone.

Salman finally mentioned that this week Rimi got the highest votes in the house. Ha! People are voting for a person who is least interested in the game. Maybe, this is Rimi’s game plan. This way she is gaining audience’s attention. What do you think?

Tomorrow, Randeep Hooda is set to appear on the show to promote his movie,‘Main Aur Charles”

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