Exclusive Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: OMG! Prince And Rishabh Inappropriately Get Physical With Digangana


Bigg-Boss-Physical[tps_footer]After Puneet’s eviction and with many twists and turns in Bigg Boss 9 house during the weekend, the contestants were introduced with new task. This task is  very important for the contestants, as nominations will take place on the basis of this ‘shaitani bacchey‘ task.

Dividing into two teams, the housemates were turned to be kids and caretakers of BB nursery. One team was divided into kids which included Prince, Rishabh, Kishwer and Rochelle and the rest were the caretakers of them in BB care nursery.

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The contestants were already warned not to be physical in the task, despite of that Prince and Rishabh dragged Digangana inside the pool that hurt her back and nose badly. She even had a heated argument with both Prince and Rishabh, but justifying themselves they ignore to accept the claim. Aman and Suyyash who were in the opposite team as caretakers asked Prince and Rishabh to accept the mistake and be sorry to Digangana.

Between all this, Digangana kept quiet and raised the point after the task was done as she didn’t wanted to disturb the ongoing task. Well, another high voltage drama between the housemates for nominations?

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