First Promo Of Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai Is Out And You’ll Go Nuts Over It

The second season of Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai is going to come soon on Hotstar and fans can’t wait anymore after seeing this. They just can’t, we can’t either! Geez! Did you watch it? The first promo of its second season is going viral on the internet and its original as ever.

The family is discussing about keeping the second name of the season, and everyone has their own suggestion. It is all about what its going to be and secondly what its going to be? Just that. Monisha suggests a name which Maya fires with her bulletin words.

Indravadan suggests, ‘Sarabhai V/V Sarabhai Kam pad gayi maya ko hair dye!’ We know you’re laughing your heart out after reading this. Roshesh as usual has a poetic name which is more like a lullaby, he says, ‘Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai ka season do, hasne-hasane ka reason do, ha ha hee hee hoo hoo ho’ what next? Yes you guessed it right.. elder brother Sahil stopped poor Roshesh from completing the name.

From ‘gastronomically middle class’ again to ‘ghatiya maida noodles ka ishtehaar lag raha hai’ to ’hien?’ to ‘Hair dye toh tum use karte ho voh monisha ki bachayi hui.’ There is nothing that has changed and the show is classic as ever, 7 years gap and we still get to see what we’ve craved for, what we always wanted all these years.

Pals! The wait is over, hold hands with your buddies and click on the link below to witness the first ever promo of none other than Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai’s season two. You will laugh your hearts out. We are still laughing on it.

And Oh! One more thing, the family wants you to suggest a name for their upcoming season. Wouldn’t you help the Sarabhai’s? Yes you will!

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