Om Swami’s Video With Topless Girl Is Going Viral!


The self-proclaimed godman is making headlines because of a new video he posted on social media

The ex-Bigg Boss contestant Swami Om was making headlines even before he was thrown out of the show. The man has tried different antics to grab the attention of the masses. When he was a contestant in the much-talked-about reality show, he drove all the people out of their wits and even then people tolerated him. After being told to mend his ways for a long time, he was chucked out of the show.

After his famous stint in Bigg Boss, he had tried other tactics to attract people’s attention. One time, he uploaded a video of himself changing clothes on a railway station in Delhi. Even after being tagged as ‘ King of Controversies’, the man was not satisfied and is back with some cheap ways of attracting attention.

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Last month, the ‘King Of Controversies uploaded’ a video which showed him meditating and a girl dancing around him in a half n**e state. The self-proclaimed godman received many hate comments and even Mika Singh slammed him on social media. Singh tagged a Twitter user in his post and wrote:

Hi dear @AsYouNotWish look at this dog ..and I don’t know why nobody has time to slap this dog. He is insulting Hindu dharam.— King Mika Singh (@MikaSingh) ]

It seems the man is least affected by any hate comments that is directed towards him because he has again shared a video which is going viral on WhatsApp groups. The video features a model Anam Khan in a semi-nu*e state and Swami Om is continuing talking nonsense for which he is very famous. We can only expect God to give some sense to this self-proclaimed godman who thinks that he is doing something very nice but Alas! He is not.