After Her Funny Dubai Videos, Rakhi Sawant Takes Auto Ride And Blames Salman Khan For It!


Rakhi Sawant’s video will leave you to roll on the floor with laughter

Rakhi Sawant is a big drama queen and she is known for getting into controversies every now and then. She loves attention and can do anything for it. This time too she has stirred up a soup for herself.

Rakhi Sawant was in Dubai to spend a short vacation.While she was there, she posted some videos of her from the Dubai trip on her Instagram handle. Looks like she had real fun there and moreover, she kept her fans entertained by sharing weird pictures of her wearing different jewellery of the Arabic styles.

Rakhi Sawant has a huge fan following on Instagram and looks like she entertained them at her best possible way this time again. This time it was her videos from Dubai. Her videos take us through wig shops, jewellery shops and Malls and shows. The videos are hilarious yet fun.

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When she returned to India, she posted a video of herself enjoying an auto rickshaw ride. We saw a drastic change from her Dubai videos. In the video, Rakhi mentions that her driver met with an accident because of which she was forced to travel in an auto rickshaw. She mentions that she doesn’t have a license and needs to get one. The controversial queen pities herself for her condition in an auto rickshaw. She covers her face with her Dubai Scarf and calls herself looking like a terrorist. She looks no less than one without her makeup on.

But this is not it. Rakhi Sawant mentioned that she is scared of driving because of Salman Khan. She said that ever since the Salman Khan accident case, she is scared to learn to drive.

Well if Rakhi Sawant did not want to travel in an auto rickshaw she could have might as well book a taxi instead. But this was just a lovely opportunity for her to entertain us a little more.

Have a look at her videos for a hearty laugh.

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Rakhi Sawant in Arabic Bridal Jewellery.

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Shimmy your belly with Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Sawant dances with a belly dancer at Dubai.

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Watch, Rakhi Sawant can take someone’s interview .You will be impressed by her skills.

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Rakhi Sawant ‘Pareshan’ in an Auto rickshaw.

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