Jay Bhanushali Wants Mahii To Be Home Always


Jay Bhanushali  -Cover-Pic Jay Bhanushali made a lot of headway on Television. Since he played Neev, he has been a regular on the small tube. No wonder he even got his Mahii Gill there too.

They recently got married and seem very much in love. In fact, it seems Jay’s film fortunes just opened up thanks to his lady luck. He will soon debut with Hate Story 2. But ask him about his wife’s career and he says, he would rather want her home.

MCP? Typical man? We are sure these are the words that must be popping up in your head. Well, Jay does want Mahii to be home and take care of his family. But what is weirder still is Mahii’s response who seemed pretty fine with Jay’s stand.

Mahi was heard saying, “I’m glad Jay said that as he knows I have been working for a long time and I deserve to enjoy all comfort. As long as I am comfortable, Jay doesn’t have any issue with me working. ” Now, jab miyan biwi ho raazi to kya kahega koi aur!

Jay Bhanushal recently revealed in an interview that his guilty pleasure is doing intimate scenes with someone other than his wife. With a film like Hate Story 2 as his debut film which banks heavily on revenge erotica, can you expect the actor to be any less cheeky?