Krushna Abhishek Is Shocked That Bharti Singh Joined Kapil Sharma, You Won’t Believe What He Said!


The comedian is not impressed with Bharti’s decision on working with Kapil Sharma.

Bharti Singh joined Kapil Sharma’s show when no one expected her to do so. The comedian can work on her own show so why is she doing a blink-and-miss act in The Kapil Sharma Show is unknown. Bharti shares a good camaraderie with Krushna Abhishek and people were sure that she would join his upcoming comedy show, The Drama Company. But, she decided to do otherwise.

Recently, when Krushna was interviewed by Bombay Times and asked about this issue, he said he was surprised by this decision of Bharti. He even mentioned that they had decided that both of them would never be a part of Kapil Sharma’s show.

He said, ”It has been four years since Kapil’s show started, and Bharti and I had vowed never to appear on it. It was an unwritten pact between us. Firstly, because it was named after him and secondly because I am not a small-time comedian, who would appear on someone’s show for a few minutes. They couldn’t have afforded me as I charge a bomb.”

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The comedian-actor even mentioned that he was sure Bharti would never do such a thing. He feels like a family member has gone away from him. He further added that he doesn’t have a grudge against Kapil but it was a sort of a pact between him and Bharti to not join Kapil’s show.

When asked whether this will affect their friendship, Krushna said it was nothing of that sort, they will be friends always. He said, ”Not at all. I am in touch with her. In fact, I was the first one to rush to her side when she was hospitalised recently. When I asked her about her decision, she said, ‘Krushna, mujhe kaam karna hai’. On a positive note, there is a balance now between the two shows. Personally, I don’t want Kapil’s show to end. I want both to work so that there will be healthy competition.”

On the other hand, The Drama Company features comedians Ali Asgar, Sugandha Mishra who have left Kapil Sharma’s show due to a rift with him. The show will also star ace comedians Krushna Abhishek, Dr. Sanket Bhonsale and Sudesh Lehri. Even veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty is a part of the show among others. The show’s first episode will be aired on July 16 at 8 pm.

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