Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi : Erica Fernandes Slams Reports Of Shaheer Shaikh Being Rude To His Fans

Shaheer Shaikh Erica Fernandes

While fans can go really crazy over their favourite actors in showing their affection for the stars, we have to give it to the stars and their space when fans happen to cross the line.

Once such incident took place recently on the sets of Sony’s popular TV show Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi. While the daily soap is loved by audiences, they are also excited to meet the their favourite stars. Shaheer Shaikh and Erica Fernandes play the lead roles of Dev and Sonakshi in the serial.

Shaheer Shaikh is indeed very charming and has a huge fan following. What happened is that a mother and her daughter came on the sets of the show to meet Shaheer Shaikh. But as the actor was busy rehearsing for the show, so he couldn’t meet his die-hard fans. Disappointed fans tried to demean the reputation of the actor by calling him names.

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However, Shaheer’s co-star Erica Fernandes came out in support of him and slammed the reports of him being rude to his fans. She took twitter to write, “Not trying to demean anyone or disrespect anyone . But i am not going to support anyone trying to spoil a person’s name for no fault of his.” She cleared the air off as she was one of the witnesses present when the whole ruckus happened.

Earlier, there were reports that the two have ego clashes between each other. Talking about it, Shaheer Shaikh had said that, people come up with such weird stories which are purely imaginative and he doesn’t know how to react, to laugh or what. He feels extremely blessed to have Erica as his co-actor who is very helpful. He has seen a lot of actors having ego issues in between them and their co-stars. But here, they absolutely do not have any issues. Not just him and Erica, everybody on sets is like a family.

Erica also rubbished the rumours saying that she has never felt so comfortable with anyone before. There is no tantrum, no ego, it’s very smooth and easy to work. There’s a lot of understanding between the two and they can only laugh on such rumours.

Well, clearly the two seem to have each other’s back as they speak of each other and support each other during such controversies.

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