SHOCKING! Makers Allow Swami Om To Be A Part Of The Grand Finale Of Bigg Boss

The most controversial show Bigg Boss Season 10 witnessed various controversies this season, all thanks to the self-proclaimed Baba, Swami Om. He was thrown out from the house because of his inhuman nature with the fellow contestants. He was removed after he created a ruckus by throwing his urine on Bani J and Rohan during a task.

The self-proclaimed Godman was restricted from attending the grand finale of the show which is slated to happen on 28 January. But now as per reports, the makers of the show have now decided to make Om Swami a part of the Bigg Boss 10 finale. Yes! You heard that right.

Even after being thrown out of the house, he kept on making weird statements about the makers of the show, the contestants and not only this the host of the show Salman Khan. He gave various statements about Salman Khan being an ISI agent and that he was served drugged food by Bigg Boss. He even threatened the makers of the show when he came to know that he was debarred from the Grand Finale of the show.

But now we think that the makers have changed their minds and have now invited Swami Om on the finale. However, the host of the show Salman Khan will not be happy about it.

We are still waiting for Salman’s reaction over the matter.

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