Manu Punjabi’s Emotional Journey In Bigg Boss 10 House


After spending more than hundred days inside the maddening world of Bigg Boss 10, Manu Punjabi, who represented “Indiawale”, is out of the finale race. A commoner, who stole hearts of the audience, walked away with Rs 10 Lakhs bag after Bigg Boss offered a last minute opportunity to all 4 finalists. While Lopamudra Raut, VJ Bani, and Manveer Gurjar chose to stay in the game, Manu Punjabi made a smart decision of walking away with Rs 10 Lakhs. Well, going back to the hundred days long journey of Manu Punjabi, he did not prove his mettle to himself but to the whole world.

Manu Punjabi, a lively person from Jaipur, Rajasthan, managed to grab all the limelight since day 1 of the controversial reality show. He made sure to keep his team “Indiawale” strong and connected against celebrity contestants. His sense of humour brought laughter in the house and proved to be a strong and confident contestant on the show with each passing day. His friendship with Manveer Gurjar has been amazing throughout the season and can be engraved on the walls of Bigg Boss 10 house. Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar have always stood by each other despite all odds.

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His closeness with Monalisa became a hot topic inside as well as outside the house but nothing could stop them from supporting each other despite knowing the consequences. After the death of his mom, he fought back and continued playing the game with all confidence. Moreover, he dealt every situation with ease and one of the biggest examples is when Priyanka Jagga passed unsavory comments on Manu’s mother. He maintained his calm and chose not to react. His calmness and not reacting to disgusting Priyanka Jagga got him praises from star host Salman Khan itself.

Well, Bigg Boss is once in a lifetime opportunity and it seems, Manu has lived every bit in this house. With this simple and fun-loving attitude, he is bound to get success in life post-show. What do you think about Manu’s decision and his wonderful journey? Share your views in the comments section below!