Oops! Karan Patel Locks Himself, Stalls Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shoot!

Karan Patel is the main male lead of Ekta Kapoor’s TV show Yeh hai Mohabbatein and the soap opera has given the actor much popularity. Karan has become a household name in the TV industry today. It is true that popularity leads to a lot of tantrums and it seems that Karan Patel has been throwing tantrums on the sets of the show.

For the show, the actor had to shoot an emotional scene and Karan Patel like always used glycerine to take the tears out of his eyes. It is believed that the actor shot the scenes well and also brought great emotion to the dialogue. But the problem aroused when the director said ‘Cut’ to the shot. It seems that it did not go well with the actor and the tears were rolling down his eyes even after the shot was completed. When the crew members of the show asked the actor if he is fine, Karan replied that his eyes were swollen because of the glycerine.

Patel without talking to anyone went off from the set and locked himself in his vanity van. He did not even answer any calls that were made by the crew members and did not even come up for the shoot. According to the sources, Karan Patel unlocked himself out of his vanity van at 9 in the night and without talking to anyone the actor went to his car and left the place. With such tantrums, Karan Patel stalled the shoot.

Well, we wonder why the actor has been throwing tantrums for such reason.

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