After Suyyash Rai, Producer Of Pehredaar Piya Ki Reacts On The Show Being Brought Off-Air!

pehredaar piya ki

Pehredaar Piya Ki has come to an end, on which the actor Suyyash Rai and the producer of the show have reacted!

The controversial TV show Pehredaar Piya Ki has been brought off-air. The channel and the makers had to arrive on this decision after facing an online rage from the people. Earlier, the one of the actors of the daily soap, Suyyash Rai had expressed his disappointment on the show coming to an end. And now the producer of the show, Sumeet Mittal has reacted on it.

In a conversation with Times Of India, Mittal says, “It’s a very painful process to end the show abruptly. It surely feels bad. Taking a show off-air is like suffering a miscarriage. We work hard for each of our creation, without thinking about the outcome. Whether the show works or not, we put in the same amount of hard work and passion. We didn’t want to wait for the audience to reject our show.”

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After the time slot of the show was changed, the makers and the channel were thinking to bring down the show. The producer explains, “It’s not sudden. We have been discussing it internally with the channel ever since the change in time slot was decided. We were sceptical about it and not convinced. We wrote the story keeping the prime time audience in mind and change in the slot would have given us no output. Hence, we decided to end the show mutually. It was a difficult call, but we had to do it.”

The timings of the show were changed on the command of I & B ministry who had got complaints from the people. The makers of the show were even asked to put a disclaimer stating that the show does not support child marriage.

Pehredaar Piya Ki had a storyline which showed a marriage relationship between a 9 year old boy and an 18 year old girl!

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