Pratyusha’s Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh Is In Trouble Again


Pratiyushabanerjee-RahulRajSingh[tps_footer]Right from the start of Pratyusha Banerjee‘s suicide-murder case, her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh has been accused of abetting her suicide and torturing her to such an extent where she was mentally disturbed and she couldn’t even talk to her family members about any of her problems. Pratyusha wanted just wanted to make her relationship work with Rahul and start a family with him but unfortunately, Pratyusha lost her life and she gave a shock to the entire nation on April 1. It was hard for everyone to believe that Pratyusha is no more and her friends support her and her family throughout the legal process by blaming Rahul Raj Singh for torturing Pratyusha.


Now the latest update related to this news is that Pratyusha‘s mother Soma Banerjee said Rahul should be taken into custody and he should not be left loose in the open as he can destroy and tamper the evidence that will go against him. The Bombay High Court had granted anticipatory bail to Rahul on April 25 and Rahul had rubbished all the allegations thrown at him by Pratyusha‘s parents and friends. It was said that Rahul used Pratyusha‘s bank card and exploited her for money and he was just using her. But, Court cannot follow the allegations without proofs and it’s important to give Rahul a chance to reveal his side of the story.


It was Pratyusha‘s mother Soma Banerjee who had filed the FIR against Rahul Raj Singh for abetting her daughter’s suicide and now once again she has sent a plea to cancel the anticipatory bail given to Rahul Raj Singh. We still need to wait and closely watch how this case will get sorted and if Rahul is the main culprit or not?[/tps_footer]