PROUD! This Is How Shakti Mohan Slammed Body-Shamers


Time and again, women are told to ‘look’, ‘live’ and ‘dress’ a certain way. Recently, popular contemporary dancer Shakti Mohan became a victim of Body shaming.

But she didn’t keep quiet. Shakti took to Facebook to slam her haters with a strong message. Along with a beautiful picture of herself, she wrote a powerful message saying:

I have been told I sit like a man, I walk like a man, your body looks masculine and voice is heavy not female like. I have been told to be more feminine by well meaning people.

I wasted many years trying to be who I am not in my effort to fit in.

I don’t know why the world is after making you fit into a category. Be You and stop fulfilling people’s expectations of you to look bus*y, as*y, fair, thin, shy, masked with makeup.

You can either live for yourself or for the world.

Use your power to Choose...”

Well put, Shakti! More power to you girl!