Sofia Hayat Shares Her Love Making Video With Husband And Is Sure To Raise Eyebrows!


As we all know the controversial former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat recently got married to Romanian interior designer Vlad Stanescu in a grand wedding. Last year, the actress-model had shocked everyone by announcing that she has shed her se*y image and has embraced spirituality. The actress, who now calls herself Gaia Mother Sofia, has now shared a love making a video of her with hubby. Yes, we were in a shock too!

Before making the video public on YouTube, Sofia shared some glimpses on Instagram, which has intimate scenes of her with hubby. In the video, Sofia and Vlad can be seen passionately kissing each other. Well, let the video do the rest talking.

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Sofia Hayat took to Instagram and wrote:  ”My new music video and song is out now! Om Shanti Om. Watch the full video on my YouTube channel exclusively.  Please see the whole video on my You Tube so you can see the whole story of Om Ashanti Om I AM SOFIA MARIA HAYAT. I AM THE ARK OF THE COVENANT. I AM HERE NOW. WE ARE ENTERING A NEW ERA ON EARTH. UNITY ONENESS 666 333 999 1 0 10 UNITY 1 ZERO. LOVE . WAKEUP CHILDREN YOU ARE IN HEAVEN True love and intimacy is what all people should know. Intimacy like this is sacred. It is not dirty or rude but incredibly beautiful. Those who think this is wrong..have not been taught about love and intimacy and therefore only recognise s*x. If intimacy and connection and deep respect were taught as a pre requisite to love making..then we would not have rape or se*ual violence. All things come from creation and creation is love. Po***graphy has also de-sensitized men, and turned women into objects. It shows s*x without feeling and love..which is a dishonoured to divine creation..showing s*x without love teaches it. And then feelings are lost in the sacred act..leaving emptiness. LOVE IS sacred..making love is true honour and respect Produced, written and sung by me including all harmonies and instruments.”

The video is sure to raise eyebrows!