Bigg Boss 9: Nora Fatehi Secretly Manages To Kiss Prince Narula At Night


Nora-Prince[tps_footer]Even as the Bigg Boss 9  housemates wake up to the title track of Gupt, suspicion is thick in the air and has beckoned caution for the housemates. Giselle and Rishabh discuss that the housemates are acting stupid by not eating at all in order to save themselves from being ‘killed’ by the murderer. Meanwhile, the rest of the housemates pass out in the washroom and discuss how they should stick together even when they cook a meal to avoid another murder.


Later, Prince joins Giselle and Mandana’s conversation when he tells them that if Nora has come with the thought that she will play a love angle with Prince inside the house in order to attain sustainability in the house, it works in his favour. Prince elaborates that he has always been clear with her about Yuvika’s existence in his life. Giselle reveals to him that Nora had said to Salman that she is going into the house to share some love with Rishabh.

Frustrated about the fact that the housemates have holed themselves up in the washroom area, Rishabh requests everyone to move around but Keith protests, saying it is their job to secure themselves. Later, Prince reveals to Mandana and Giselle that he is the murderer and tells them about how stupid it is that nobody is playing an individual game. Furthermore, Prince receives a phone call, Bigg Boss expresses his disappointment on having killed only one housemate successfully. He asks Prince to pull up his socks and get a reaction out of three more people at least.

Prince successfully gets a reaction out of Mandana by throwing away the food made by her. Mandana gets hurt by this act and begins to sob even as Rishabh intervenes and stops Prince from destroying the food. Bigg Boss soon announces that another person has been murdered and declares Mandana dead. Murderer Prince’s next target is Kishwer and he steals clothes from her bag and sneaks them into the complaint box. Still sitting in the washroom area, Kishwer is startled when she gets announced as dead. Next, Prince dirties Rochelle’s bed and tries to get a reaction out of Suyyash by provoking him about trusting wrong people, but fails miserably. However, he succeeds in getting a reaction out of Nora who has locked herself up in the washroom. He tells an irked Nora inside the washroom to come out and in return, Nora begins yelling at him. After his last kill, Bigg Boss announces that the task is officially over. Upon going back to the bedroom, Rochelle sees that her bed has been tampered with and realises that the murderer tried to target her, but failed.


Later in the evening, senior crime journalist from IBN7, Pratik Trivedi helps the housemates and the detective unearth the mystery of the murderer. He throws the floor open to both detectives – Priya and Rishabh – to present their cases. Priya calls Rishabh to be interrogated. She questions him about his motive behind trying to provoke the housemates locked up inside the washroom. She concludes her case by claiming that there are three murderers – Suyyash, Prince and Kishwer – and they have Rishabh’s support. Detective Rishabh calls Giselle and Mandana as witnesses and questions them. Concluding that Prince is the killer, Pratik Trivedi reveals that he is indeed right![/tps_footer]