TV Actors Talk About Their Most Memorable Rakhi

Tina DuttaRishina KandhariDivyanka TriparthivahbbizSharad malhotraSamiksha BhatnagarShritama Mukherji Ankit GeraShashank Vyas Arjun BilaniGunjan UtrejaSahil Phull Avinesh RekhiShivin NarangSiddhant KarnickVivek MishraAdhavik Mahajan   krishna Singh bist    Ashok Malhotra [tps_footer] The month of August has started and with that all the blooming festvals will also start to enlighten our lives with joy, one of which is Rakshabandhan. The festival which celebrates the bond of brother and sister, where in a sister ties Rakhi on the wrist of her brother will be celebrated tomorrow and here is the list of TV celebs who share their beautiful memories and cherished moments with their siblings.

Tina Dutta

My brother’s name is Debraj Dutta. My most memorable is when I used to celebrate Rakshanhandan in Kolkata with my all cousin and family members. This year I won’t be able to go due to my work but definitely I will be sending him a rakhi .My favourite bollywood song is behna ne bhai ki kalai mein Pyar Bhanda Hai .


Rishina Kandhari

My brother’s name is Yatharth.  My most memorable rakhi was in my childhood days when my brother was not working he used to gift me handmade greeting card or something else. This year I don’t have any plans as my brother is out of town. I will courier Rakhi.  My favourite rakhi song is Bhaiya Moore Rakhi Ke Bhandan Ko Nibhana .


Divyanka Tripathi

My brother’s name is Aishwarya Tripathi. My most memorbale rakhi is last three years back when my brother had come to Mumbai on Rakshabandhan and he gifted me Barbie doll set which I craved for since my childhood and I will sending him rakhi with his favourite brownies. My favourite rakhi song is Bhaiya Moore Rakhi Ke Bhandan Ko Nibhana.


Vahbbiz Dorabajee 

My brother’s name is Daniel Dorabjee.  When I was in  pune Rakshabandhan days were most memorable. When he gave me a gift with his first earnings I felt really good about it. I pamper him a lot.


Ssharad Malhotraa  

My real sister’s name is Reema Pawa. She is a fashion designer in Kolkatta. She is married  and elder to me.I would be giving her a surprise this Rakhi by flying to Kolkatta just for couple of hours for Rakhi.  The fondest memory is when I sprang a surprise few years back by going without informing. My family and sister was shocked and could not believe I was standing in front of her. She took me out for fancy lunch. She bought me a laptop as a gift and I also had carried a lot of gifts for her. I intend to surprise her this year like I had done once upon a time.


Samiksha Bhatnagar 

Raksha Bandhan means occasion for family reunion. Tasty dishes, wonderful sweets and family members exchange gifts with other well wishers and relatives and share their individual experiences of life with one another. As far as our Rakhi traditions and rituals are concerned, I prep for the “pooja thali” with sweets, roli, chawal and rakhis and ties rakhi on the wrist of my brother(s), and wish for their well being. On the other hand, they acknowledge their love with a promise that they will remain by my side and protect me from every fall and down throughout the life. The most exciting part is gifts / money as a token of love. I’m unable to single out any particular Rakhi event as all are very memorable and close to my heart. While Phoolon ka Taaron ka is an evergreen song for the occasion. I particularly like two very touching songs from my childhood days Yaadon ki Baarat Nikli hai Aaj dil dware & Zindagi har kadam ek Nayi Jung hai….


Shritama Mukherjee

My brother’s name is Swapnil. Our most memorable rakhi was when we used to be in our hometown Kota either we went to our cousin’s place or called them home and we three sisters used to tie him rakhi as he is the only brother. What fun it used to be. I just met my brother when I last went to Bangalore. Because we stay far away from each other and I knew I wouldn’t be able to tie him rakhi this year. So as of now I can only call him and wish him on rakhi though will courier a Rakhi. And his treat will be due.


Ankit Gera 

My sister’s name is Richa Gera . Most memorable of rakhi is when I was in school I made a rakhi greeting card of her face and in evening when I  gave to her she showed it to everyone. Everyone started laughing on me but they also appreciate my efforts. This year I am planning to visit Delhi even my sister is coming from Canada. My sister is fond of clothes so I am planning to gift her nice dress on this rakshabandhan.


Shashank Vyas 

My sister name is Sharshti . My most memorable was I when for movie with school friends without informing and as there were no cell phones no contact and I missed the muhurat of rakhi. I came late and then I got scolding from my sister and after saying sorry she tied me rakhi late night… Then we both went for ice-cream..Hectic day with sweet ending. Rakhi plans there is nothing as such after coming to mumbai involvement in work is too much so I will be on set shooting. A d as gift I am still thinking of gift what is left to give? Am taking suggestions from my friends.


Arjun Bijlani 

I don’t have real sister but my first cousin sister Rohini ties me rakhi. She is very close to me. Most memorable rakhi was last year on Rakshabandhan she came to my place early morning and I was very happy to see her. This Rakshabandhan I am planning to go at her place and I am thinking to gift her nice watch.


Aniruddh Dave 

My sister name is Paridhi, memorable once. When I was small. Father used to give money to pay her as good omen ( shagun) I always get Rakhi tied, but start crying. That I am not going to give money and chocolate. We always fight. But Rakhi ke din Bahut emotional Bhi hota hu.. I have around 12 cousin sisters. So for all I am the most adorable darling. I will be in Mauritius this Rakhi for a Shoot. Gift will whatever she ask for I will give to her whenever I will go to the Jaipur


Gunjan Utreja

My sister names is Kaveri  Utreja and Gayatri Utreja. My most memorable rakhi was in my childhood I used to make rakhi greeting cards for my sister as a gift they use to love it. I won’t be able to meet them this rakshabandhan but for sure I would be sending some beautiful gift to them.  Every year we don’t gift anything to each other. We go out and gift things to special disabled child’s school or institutes. Since our childhood we have been taught to share and do things for others.


Sahil Phull

My sisters name are Ruppali phull and Tania phull.. The most memorable rakhi is 2012 rakhi as both of my sisters flew to Mumbai to celebrate the festival with me and gave me surprise on the day of rakhi..  And yes..  I took them for shopping them which causes a big hole in my pocket. My rakhi plans are not fixed yet.. If I am not shooting or can get a leave for two days..  I will fly to Jammu and celebrate rakhi with my sisters.  My younger sister Tania.. She just love chocolates.. I will gift her chocolates and my elder sister ruppali.. She just got married in February I am planning to gift her a Guess watch


Avinesh Rekhi 

I don’t have a real I have so many cousins who tie me rakhi their namez are..Ishu, Sanya and Sheeba…and this time I will be celebrating with them in Chandigarh..Gifts will be as per their choice..Otherwise they send rakhi to me in mumbai and I usually give them money…but this time I willl take them for shopping..


Shivin Narang 

I don’t have real sister. My aunt Prakriti Aarora ties me rakhi.  Every  Rakshabandhan is memorable for me as we all family have get together. This rakshabandhan she is coming to place and even my family members will be there. I am planning to gift her watch on this rakshabandhan.


Siddhant Karnik

I don’t have real sister but I have five cousin sister, Monice , Shreya, Shaina, Piya and Maya. Most memorable rakhi was last few years back when I was not earning well and I could afford to give them only 101 rupees as sagun and in return every sister gave me 501 Rs. I will never forget that. We all cousin are away from each other so we won’t be able to meet this rakshabandhan. For us relationship is more important than all these days. Whenever next time we all will meet we will celebrate and give gifts to each other.


Vivek Mishra 

My sister name is Tripti . My most memorable rakhi was when I was in 5 th standard and I got a special geometry box from my! I would like to gift her a music academy of her own! And also a pepper sprays as UP is so not safe for women .

Adhvik Mahajan 

my sister name is Anu Mahajan. My most memorable Rakhi was after her marriage when she had come to my place on Rakhi day as before her marriage she used to stay with us that time it was most touchy. This rakhi I won’t be able to meet her as I am in Mumbai and she is in Punjab. I am planning to send her nice watch on this rakshabandhan.


Krishna Bisth 

I don’t have a real sister. But I have cousin sister her name is Annu . My most memorable rakhi was in my childhood days. My Annu didi used to tie rakhi all over my hand so that we don’t feel we don’t have real sister.Annu didi sister stays  in MP so I am planning to give her surprise visit on this rakshabandhan.


Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra

I dont have a real sister. My cousin sister pooja Malhotra ties me Rakhi. She lives in Delhi my hometown. The most memorable one was when I forgot that it is Rakhi and didnt buy her a gift in advance and I quietly went out of the house  saying going to meet an outstation friend for sometime and bought a gift of her choice which really made her happy.[/tps_footer]