TV Actress Daljeet Kaur Opens Up About Her Failed Marriage With Shaleen Bhanot!



[tps_footer]Initially, looking at the happy pictures of this couple, one could have never thought that there could be such things going in the lives of Daljeet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot. TV actress Daljeet Kaur had put an allegation on her actor husband Shaleen Bhanot of domestic violence after he assaulted her physically. Well, now the couple is heading for divorce and Daljeet seems to be in her happy phase along with son Jaydon (initially was named as Sharaav)


At present, Daljeet is looking fab and hot than ever. The actress is returning back to the industry and has gone through a drastic transformation. She has lost loads of weight and has totally come out from her failed marriage with Shaleen Bhanot.


In a recent interview with TOI, Daljeet spoke about domestic violence and estranged husband Shaleen. She said, “The only thing I feel sometimes is that I should have spoken up earlier. It would have been worth it. I know I was the speaking truth, but I still took a lot of time expressing the pain. It was the most difficult phase of my life. I feel every experience good or bad teaches you something. I have learnt a lot from my bad experiences. However, I am happy that I met some really good people during the phase. They not only helped me, but also guided me. I am thankful to them, they never let me be alone… If Shaleen can be a good father to him and can contribute in my son’s upbringing and towards his happiness, I am content. I want my son to grow-up as a happy person. For that if Shaleen wants to meet him for a minute or 10 hours I have no problem. I am ready to co-exist.

We are proud of her and respect the way she has handled her son and kept it all strong despite so many problems in her life.[/tps_footer]