Watch: CINTAA Member Sushant Singh Fires Back At Shilpa Shinde’s Legal Notice

[tps_footer]We all are aware of the controversy TV actress Shilpa Shinde is stuck in. She is in a legal battle with the producer of her hit show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai on grounds of not treating her well whereas the latter has a complaint against her for leaving the show without informing!

In this battle, somehow CINTAA was accused of banning her from TV industry forever. To this, CINTAA replied saying they have no authority to do it but yes she will have to pay for the losses. Now, Shilpa has sent a legal notice on defaming her by CINTAA. Sushant Singh, actor and member of CINTAA, fires back at the TV actress. Watch to know more![/tps_footer]

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