Whaat! Gauahar Khan And VJ Bani Are No Longer Friends?


Something is very serious about VJ Bani and Gauahar Khan’s friendship. The two are not on talking terms since past few months. The last time they were seen together was at former Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi’s wedding.

As we all know, VJ Bani and Gauahar Khan have been the closest friends. However, something is brewing between the two, since past few months. As we have seen, their friendship is unbelievable and beyond everything. The pictures of both the hotties, shared on their social media accounts are a proof of their never-dying friendship. Gauahar Khan even played a major role in Bani J’s participation in Bigg Boss 10. The two besties have been inseparable and are always seen having their best of time together at parties and holidays.

Lately, we have found something very fishy about Bani and Gauahar Khan’s equation. Bani has all her social media posts showing off her PDA with boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur. Gauahar Khan has also stopped sharing any of her pictures with Bani. More surprisingly, Bani did not share a single picture or post anything about her best friend Gauahar’s performance in her latest film ‘Begum Jaan’.

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Also, Bani, who used to like and comment on each and every picture of Gauahar, has stopped doing the same. In fact, their bonding was so strong that the two would even chat with each other on Instagram LIVE, leaving their fans crazy about their unbreakable equation.

Well, now the two have even unfollowed each other on Instagram. Yes, Gauahar and Bani are not following each other on Instagram and this makes us wonder if things have literally turned serious and are on the verge of ending their friendship. Thankfully, the two still have some of their pictures together on their respective timelines.

What do you think can be the reason behind their sour friendship? Share your views in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, take a look at their cute pictures that are making us to see them together again: