You Will Be SHOCKED To See The Inside Photos Of Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Lopamudra Raut’s House!


Bigg Boss 10 contestant Lopamudra Raut was selected by Femina organizers to compete in Miss United Continent’s pageant, where she was crowned second runner-up. Lopa has gained a lot of popularity from the show but you will be shocked to know in reality, this beauty queen leads a very simple life.

Lopamudra hails from Nagpur where she lives with her parents in a very simple house. Her father, Jeevan Raut worked as an accountant and then got retired in 2002. Lopa‘s mother, Ragini Raut had worked in the department of agriculture.

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Lopamudra belongs to a very conservative Marathi family and therefore her journey from a commoner to a beauty queen was not at all easy. She all alone fought to get on the top since there was no support from her family.

And now each and every corner of her house is adored with the trophies and crowns that Lopa has achieved.

Lopamudra has definitely made her parents proud. More power to you girl!

We came across some inside pictures of Lopamudra’s house. Check them out.

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