Dear Zindagi Take 4: Shah Rukh Khan Teaches Alia Bhatt How To Express Love And Set Free!


After releasing three teasers, the makers of Dear Zindagi have unveiled the much-awaited fourth and last teaser of the film starring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt. The first three teasers of the film were full of life, cheerful and happening but the 4th teaser is quite different and truly emotional that each one of us will relate to. In last few teasers we learned how relationships can be repaired, how we can have happiness in every little thing. Dear Zindagi Take 4 tells a story about how difficult it is for us to express ourselves after growing up.

The teaser opens with Shah Rukh Khan’s voice on how since our childhood we are told to wipe our tears, smile when angry and not to hate at all, but when we grow up and want to love, our emotional system is so screwed. While SRK’s monologue makes a lot of sense, Alia’s journey through the same path might give you goosebumps. The teaser showcases another wonderful journey of Kaira and Jug played by Alia and Shah Rukh Khan.

Directed by Gauri Shinde, Dear Zindagi is all set to release on November 25!

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