Bigg Boss 10: Makers Are Using Om Swami And Priyanka Jagga To Increase TRP’s


Bigg Boss season 10 is taking drastic twists and turns with each passing day and to bring more fun to the game, the makers of the show have put Priyanka Jagaa in the secret room of the house. Yes, the drama queen who entered the house as a wild card contestant got evicted but has been sent to the secret room of the house. On the other hand, Om Swami, who is being hated inside as well as outside the house, got 2 weeks immunity.

Yes, as earlier we EXCLUSIVELY revealed, Bigg Boss gave Om Swami a golden opportunity to get 2 weeks immunity but in return and told that whopping Rs 10 Lakh will be deducted from the winning amount of the show. And guess what? Om Swami took 2 weeks immunity, which means, Ra 10 Lakh have been deducted from the winning price money and the only amount left is Rs. 15 Lakh. This means, Om Swami is safe for more two coming weeks but why?

The question for the moment is, why only Om Swami got immunity option and why not other deserving contestants of the show? Despite theft cases running on him, why makers want Om Swami to be on the show? His cheap and disgusting remarks on other inmates of the show are not enough reasons to throw him out?

Also, why Priyanka Jagga has been sent to the secret room? Are makers of the show trying to save these two contestants from nominations and evictions each week?  Do makers of the show think Priyanka and Om Swami are content driven contestants in Bigg Boss 10 house?

Well, only loyal Bigg Boss fans and viewers can answer this better. Do you think Bigg Boss 10 makers are saving Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga at the cost of your votes? Share your views in the comments section below.