Caught: Arjun Rampal And Sussanne Khan On A Date!


Headlines are abuzz with the fact that Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan is ready to mingle with actor Arjun Rampal soon. The speculations making rounds suggest that the two, Sussanne and Arjun are dating each other and are also ready to tie the knot.

After loads of rumors, there seemed to be no truth in their alleged relationship but reports suggest otherwise. According to reports, Sussanne and Arjun were recently spotted together at a café in Mumbai. The two were deeply engrossed in a conversation and entered the café while it almost had no crowd.

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It is being said the two looked stress free and happy and were discussing something too engaging. Just when the café got abuzz with people around it, Arjun and Sussanne made a swift exit. Ever since Hrithik and Sussanne’s marriage hit a rock bottom, rumors of Sussanne and Arjun being in a relationship sparked.

The two celebs Hrithik and Sussanne have always remained mum about their parting ways. The reason for their divorce is yet not known as the two have decided to keep it in wraps for the media glare. Sussanne is nevertheless, still spotted with kids Hridhaan and Hrehaan and makes sure she spends good amount of time with the two.

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Hrithik and Sussanne got officially divorced last year in November. The two bid an adieu to their 13 year old marriage. Their divorce came as a shock to everyone who are still unclear about the reason for the same.

Well, with Arjun and Sussanne catching up on coffees, the shutterbugs are once again active with their alleged marriage plans.