Exclusive Bigg Boss 9: Mandana Karimi To Take An Emergency Exit


[tps_footer]Iranian model Mandana Karimi who is being the target of everyone in Bigg Boss 9 house, had recently kicked Kishwer during the Highway task. In the weekend’s episode we saw how Salman Khan badly grilled Kishwer, Suyyash and Prince for their disrespectful behaviour towards Mandana.

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Not only that, Bigg Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati who had entered the house reminiscing his good old days and humming ‘We love, we love Gauti’, had also expressed that Mandana Karimi is his favourite. He even suggested her to be strong and play alone, as even he was cornered once when he was in Bigg Boss 8 house. But somewhere Mandana Karimi who gets emotional at every stage, feels that she is purposely being targeted in the house by the housemates.

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In the second week itself, she went sick and doctors were immediately called in the house for her check up after she fainted and we exclusively reveal that Mandana Karimi is again extremely unwell and the doctors have clearly said to wait and watch for 2 days and due to her bad health, Bigg Boss has decided to take Mandana out of the house and will be hospitalized for her emergency check up.

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Well, is this the happiest thing happening in Bigg Boss 9 house for the trio Suyyash, Prince and Kishwer? Time will tell better!

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