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Ghayal Once Again Review: An Older Sunny Deol Can Still Pack A Punch

Ajay Mehra is back and though 25 years may have passed between ‘Ghayal’ and ‘Ghayal Once Again’, his dhai kilo ka haath can still pack a punch.


Written and directed by Sunny Deol, who reprises his role as Mehra, this sequel leaps 25 years ahead of the 1990 film. Having served jail time, Mehra is under the constant supervision of his neurologist (Soha Ali Khan) but he’s also leading a group of do-gooders – sort of vigilantes – who override the law and bring the corrupt and criminals to book. Mehra is an inspiration to a group of four teenagers Varun, Anushka, Zoya and Rohan. But when they accidentally film the murder of a RTI activist, and Mehra’s old friend Joe D’Souza (Om Puri) by rich and powerful industrialistBansal’s (Narendra Jha) spoilt son Kabir, their lives are suddenly threatened. They turn to Mehra for help.

Several chases, fights, elaborate action sequences on trains and in malls follow and these bits make the film tolerable. The over the top supporting actor and sundry cast are loud and a bit hammy and the screenplay is all over the place, coming to a surprisingly engaging mid-point but the post-interval half spirals around like the chopper Mehra flies around and then into Bansal’s house. The poor quality computer graphics and tedious climax with every character screaming at the same time is a letdown.


While the script and direction are patchy, ‘Ghayal Once Again’ is kept afloat by well-designed action scenes, some skillful editing and Sunny Deol who will not disappoint his fans, particularly when he puts all his might into that punch.

Rating: **

Box Office: Sunny Deol’s Ghayal Once Again First Day Collection

Sunny Deol’s Ghayal Once Again released yesterday. Sunny Deol was missing from the limelight since quite long, has finally made his come back on the silver screen with ‘Ghayal Once Again’. ‘Ghayal Once Again’ is the sequel to the blockbuster film ‘Ghayal’ which released way back in 1990.


Ghayal Once Again’ received a 15% opening on the first day. The film collected Rs 6.25 crore net (Rs 62 crore net) on day one. The movie did a decent business at the single screens than in the multiplexes.

The actor who believes in staying reserved did not promote his film to the fullest and therefore the masses could not recall the film instantly. No songs from the film have yet made it to the chartbusters and this affected the crowd at the screens to some extent.

The movies fate depends on Saturday and Sunday collections. Since the film is an action film, the growth for these is normally not very high.