Shocking! Two Actors Feared Dead After Stunt Goes Wrong – Watch Video


Two stuntmen Kannada actors were shooting for the climax of the film Masti Gudi, are believed to have drowned today. They had jumped from a helicopter into Tippagondanahalli reservoir from a height of around 30 feet, 35 km west of Bengaluru. They are feared to have drowned.

Panic spread when stuntmen Anil and Uday jumped into the water and did not emerge on time. The lead actor of the film, Duniya Vijay, also jumped with them but he reportedly had access to a life jacket and swam to the shore on time.

The duo were not provided with life jackets and a boat was supposed to pick them up after they had jumped into the water. However, it is suspected that the delay in the boat reaching the spot might have resulted in the tragedy.

A team consisting of expert swimmers are on the spot searching for the two men.

Sources also revealed that one of them was nervous to do the stunt as he was scared of heights, but since there were safety arrangements he went ahead.

Now since there were no life jackets nor rescue boats, A FIR has been filed against the producers and stunt crew.

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