Tubelight: Salman Khan Remains Unfazed, Says Ratings Are Better Than I Expected


Salman speaks about Tubelight release and critic reviews.

The most anticipated movie of the year, Tubelight released on June 23. Although it received positive reviews from the Bollywood celebrities, it does not fare well with the film critics. Any actor would have been displeased by this, but Mr Salman Khan doesn’t mind it even a pint as he says that he is ‘critic-proof’.

At an event, yesterday, Salman was asked whether he was disappointed by the critics’ review to which the actor replied, The critics were really good. I was expecting -3 and -4, they have given me 1-1 1/2 stars apparently. Yeah, so I am very pleased with that.”

Moreover, he commented on the first-day response of his movie, said, “As per reports people are saying they can not see ‘Bhai’ (Salman) crying. So I asked, are they (audience) laughing and the answer was “no, they are crying”. So I said don’t worry about it.”

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The actor further said that the movie is not something that people are actually expecting. It is a different sort of movie, an emotional one. He said, ”As it is an Eid release, people have preconceived notions and plans to throw coins, sing and dance at the cinema hall. So they have gone to watch a certain film but get to watch another film. This film is not of a kind which you watch with your buddies as you will not get an opportunity to dance or have fun. It is a very emotional film. Even an emotionless, stone hearted person will get tears in his eyes. So this is an emotional film to be seen with parents, grandparents and the entire family.”

When the Tubelight actor was asked about the mixed reviews, he said, “I got so many text messages, saying that they got emotional watching the brothers dancing on the song. So we are preparing the audience for a beautiful, simple, emotional film about brothers. As far as reviews are concerned, every film has mixed reviews.”

Is Salman Khan worried about the mixed reviews? The actor reveals, ”Look at me, are there any sign of worries on this face. I am not bothered, I know the film will do well and will be a hit and get a lot of respect.”

Produced by Salman Khan, Tubelight is directed by Kabir Khan and it stars Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Chinese actress Zhu Zhu and child artist Matin Rey Tangu.