Watch: Alia Bhatt Speaks Up About Learning From Shah Rukh Khan



[tps_footer]As the ‘Udta Punjab’ censorship controversy had brought all the celebrities of Bollywood together to fight against the whole issue, High court and the strength of Bollywood helped the film fly high. Even though the film was leaked online two days before the release, it did work really well at the box office on the weekend.

The makers of the film had organized a special screening of ‘Udta Punjab’ attended by Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan among others. Shah Rukh was all in praise for Alia Bhatt’s amazing performance in ‘Udta Punjab’. Now that Alia and Shah Rukh are coming together in Gauri Shinde’s next, we can’t wait to catch two amazing stars together on the silver screen. Infact, their amazing bonding and chemistry was witnessed by everyone at the special screening of ‘Udta Punjab.

At the success party of ‘Udta Punjab’, Alia was asked if the shooting for her upcoming film starring Shah Rukh Khan by Gauri Shinde is in process or not to which she replied saying that the shooting is wrapped up and the details of the film will also be spilled out soon.

She was also asked about how her experience was while working with Shah Rukh Khan and what did she learn from him, to which she mentioned that it was outstanding and the experience was really amazing. She also added saying that she can’t really learn everything from him but how much ever time she has worked and spent with him, each and every day was a new learning experience for her.[/tps_footer]