Watch: First Look Of Happy New Year


The wait is over. The grand trailer of Happy New Year, which also the longest trailer ever at 3:16 seconds, was launched yesterday and ever since then, people haven’t talked about anything else. Even Salman Khan got swept by the Happy cheer and called it ‘Kick ass’. It was grand, monumental and colossal! But here’s what we truly felt about it.

Keeping aside the grandeur part, the trailer brightens up the moment it begins. With Dubai as its base, the trailer opens with sparks and flair. And then comes Shah Rukh Khan. He seemed to have retained hisDon 2 look in a few parts of the film. The characters have been introduced beautifully without anyone getting more limelight than necessary. It perfectly gives a hint of what the film is set to offer fans and foes alike.

But what he didn’t find accurate was there was too much of Shah Rukh in the trailer. Yes, this is his film and he plays the mastermind both on and off screen, other characters were not depicted properly. Second, Farah Khan’s films boast a lot of comedy. The trailer didn’t make anyone laugh. And that said Chinese joke? Seriously?! Are we still so regressive?

However, the overall look and feel of the film is of a typical Diwali Dhamaka and we are sure ye Indiawale bahut sarey records todengey!

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