Watch: Rishi Kapoor Loses His Cool Again, Lashes Out At The Media


Rishi Kapoor lashed out at the media even before they started questioning him!

The veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor was known as one of the most romantic actors of his time. But now the same actor is known for his short temper and rude behavior amongst the media.

It is very often that we see Chintu Kapoor making some or the other tweet on the social media, which invites loads of trolls from people. But still that is understandable as those tweets come as a reaction on something.

But this time what Rishi Kapoor did, could not be understood by anyone. The actor was at an event and was supposed to interact with the media regarding the same event. But even before the media persons could ask him anything, he lashed out at them.

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Rishi Kapoor dictated the media how to stand, what to ask and what not to ask. He also said, “Ab sarr par khade hoge kya, peeche jao, aur lights kam karo, garmi ho rahi hai (Now are you going to stand on my head? Go behind and decrease the lights. It is getting too hot).”

Well, we do not know what made the actor so angry even before the media interaction could start. But one of the possible reasons could be the fear of questions on his son Ranbir Kapoor and the actress Mahira Khan’s leaked pictures.

A few days ago Ranbir and Mahira’s pictures were leaked in which the two of them were seen together smoking. The pictures had gone viral and the stars were quite upset due to the same. It is possible that Senior Kapoor did not want to answer any questions on them. And hence he warned the media in advance to not ask anything except the questions related to the event!

Watch Video : Rishi Kapoor Lashes Out At Media Over Ranbir Kapoor- Mahira Khan’s LEAKED Photos