Watch Video: Elli Avaram Blushes Over Salman Khan!


Elli Avram was touted as Salman Khan’s favourite Bigg Boss 7 contestant. On a chat with Elli Avaram, she was asked whom she felt looked Royal in the bollywood industry.

Elli replied as an actor she finds Amitabh Bachchan Royal and as of for an actress, Madhuri Dixit very Royal.

Media also asked her if she thought Salman Khan is Royal, Elli nodded and blushed and said she does’nt find him Royal but she finds him very good looking.

Elli was asked if she had a role in No Entry Mein Entry, but Elli somehow just avoided the answer.

Elli further adds on how busy she is with her acting and dancing classes and is woking very hard on her Hindi Language. She also informs the media that very soon some announcements will be coming.

Elli was asked if Salman Khan has ever supported her, as Salman Khan is known for supporting every new comer in the bollywood industry.

Elli blushes and has a lot to talk about Salman Khan, take a look at the video to find out more!

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