Jonah Hill & Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic Re-Enactment During SNL Monologue

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It’s a serious bromance between Jonah Hill & Leonardo DiCaprio on SNL—and we’re talking SERIOUS!

Jonah Hill’s opened up SNL with a killer monologue only to be interrupted by the one and only Leo, check it out:

Jonah stepped on the SNL stage for the third time as the host and apparently this time, it wasn’t quite all about him!

He began by talking about how on top of the world he is with his second Academy Award nomination, Moneyball and Wolf of Wall Street, but then is quickly interrupted by the audience asking questions about Leo!

The audience wants to know about Leo, his hair, what it’s like to work with him and Jonah’s not thrilled by Leo, until he walks on stage!! Obviously, the speech is all a big joke— with Leo joining him on stage putting Jonah in his place for being a big shot!

But then comes the pinnacle of the bromance between the two—setting the stage, Jonah asks Leo if they can “Do the thing we always did everyday that made me feel safe?”

Leo quickly replies, “Is it going to help you be less nervous?” And after agreeing to do it, the two go into a reenactment of the FAMOUS Jack I’m flying scene from Titanic.

Of course Jonah is Rose—asking Jack if he’s FLYING and it’s pretty much perfect. This SNL opener will definitely go down in the books as one of my favorites, but I might be one of the bigger Titanic fans there are!

But since I’m a little bias, what did you guys think of the latest SNL opener, did the Jonah Hill & Leo Bromance do it for you!? Hit us up and let us know and be sure to click right here for a first look at our brand new show Totally Clevver and subscribe to ClevverTV so you don’t miss an episode! From Hollywood, I’m Brianna Baxter!

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