AACT cracks down North India’s movie piracy hubs

MUMBAI: The Alliance Against Copyright Theft (AACT), a coalition between Hollywood-Bollywood studios to fight the various forms of piracy in India, seized more than Rs 15 million (Rs 1.5 crore) worth of pirated DVDs, writers and inlay cards across North India. In the recent times, the coalition has increased pressure on the pirates in Delhi-NCR, Punjab and Haryana to curb piracy.

This week the team has cracked down a major pirated DVD manufacturing factory in Panipat, Haryana and seized over 37,000 pirated DVDs/CDs worth Rs 50 lakhs. The team has also seized about 6 lakhs inlay cards along with 102 DVD writers and one TV set. The police have registered 4 FIRs and 6 accused were arrested under copyright section of 51, 52A, 63, 68A, 292 and 420. In the last one week AACT has also raided godowns of pirates in multiple cities like Ambala, Faridabad, Delhi etc. seizing more than 94,221 pirated DVDs.

The enforcement agency has kept a strict vigil on this area to close all shops/stalls selling pirated discs. The effectiveness of the raids conducted by AACT has improved since the launch of the toll free number 1800-103-1919 earlier this year. Based on the information given by the common man on AACT’s toll-free number, the enforcement team along with the Local Police Departments has successfully conducted these raids in multiple locations.