Aazaan climax to be shot in Chechnya

MUMBAI: The climax of the forthcoming film Azaan will be shot in Chechnya.

Produced by Alchemia Films and directed by Prashant Chadha, Azaan stars Sachiin Joshi who plays an informant who has to go undercover beyond enemy lines to save the country from the threat of biological warfare.

The film has been shot all over the world in places like Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, Poland, France, Germany and India. The film’s climax is going to shot in Chechnya, Russia.

Says a source, “No film has ever been shot in Chechnya before Aazaan would be the first – After almost nine years of war, Chechnya has become an ecological disaster zone, with oil and chemical leaking into the ground and radioactive material left lying about. The makers thought it apt to shoot the climax there since Aazaan is about biological warfare –the cast and crew will be shooting there for a whole 5 days.”

Chadha said, “This is a very demanding film both for the cast and the crew. We have shot in subzero temperatures in Poland, France and Germany and the difficult terrain of Morocco, Sudan and Algeria. The threat is biological; the deadly ebola virus with a fatality rate of 90.Aazaan is an edgy, kinetic film with its heart in the right place.”

The action flick is also being shot with a foreign crew including cinematographer Axel Fischer and stars Playboy cover girl and Guess model Candice Boucher.