Anurag Basu makes acting debut in Onir’s I AM

MUMBAI: Director Anurag Basu will be making his acting debut in Onir’s forthcoming film, I AM. 
The film deals the concept of sperm donation and Basu plays a Bengali doctor. Says a source, “Onir met Anurag Basu over coffee as both were a part of the Filmfare jury. Anurag realized he had forgotten his wallet and Onir stepped in to pay the bill which was a humble Rs.500. Onir realized that Anurag fitted the bill of the Bengali doctor he was looking for. The next thing you know when Anurag came back Onir told him; this is your signing amount- you are acting in my film.” 
Basu who initially thought it was a joke agreed to play the part after hearing the entire project. I AM is one of the first crowd sourced films in India – co-produced by over 400 people from 35 cities across the world. The film’s funding, talent and crew had been sourced through social media.