Farhan Akhtar caught in traffic jam caused by SRK mania

MUMBAI: For more than a month Shah Rukh Khan was out of the country, shooting in Los Angeles for Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan. This was something that his fans knew. So on the first Sunday of his return, the crowds had swelled to great proportions in front of Khan’s mansion in Bandra’s Bandstand area.  

Khan has erected a small podium like structure inside his bungalow, where he can climb up and wave out to his fans. So on 25 January, 12 hours after he had landed in Mumbai, SRK came out to wave out to his fans. The fans went into a tizzy seeing their superstar. As word of mouth spread, more and more crowds began to swell up. Soon there was a traffic jam. And stuck in that jam, was the Rock On actor, Farhan Akhtar.  

The director turned actor said, "I thought the jam would break in five minutes. But soon the five minutes, turned to ten and then to fifteen minutes. As the fans got more and more excited, they began jumping on cars to get a better glimpse of SRK. When a hysterical fan began to jump up and down my car, I called up Shah Rukh on his mobile, telling him to turn to his right where my car was parked. Shah Rukh immediately waved to the crowd and got off his elevated position. And that’s how I finally reached home."

Just a word of caution, Farhan… Had the crowds known that you were the spoilsport, they would have done a lot more to your car, than just jump on it.