IMI tips Jaipur police on movie pirates

MUMBAI: The Jaipur police acted on a tip off given by Indian Music Industry (IMI) officials and nabbed two persons involved in duplicating and manufacturing pirated disks. Those arrested were operating from a house in the Vishveshriya extension in Jaipur.


Amongst the items seized were Over 2800 MP3 CDs, 4,300 DVDs and 33,000 inlay cards. Other items included DVD writers, blank disks and scanners. The movies seized include Sarfarosh, Saajan, Dilwale, Phool aur Kaante amongst many others.


The raid conducted on 26 July was one amongst of the series of raids carried out by the IMI over the last few weeks. In their bid to combat the growing piracy in the country, raids have been carried out in areas of Rajhasthan, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.