India enthuses Latin American film makers

MUMBAI: Director of 4 3 2 One Mercedes Farriols, finds rhythm and sensibilities of Indian audience more in line with her work.


The Argentinean director whose film is a competition entry at IFFI Goa developed an affinity with the country when her film Olga, Victoria Olga came to IFFI Goa two years ago. The director is further going to cement the affinities by making a film based in Puducherry. ‘India is a place where I think my stories can be told most effectively,’ she said.


Similarly, Brazilian director Fernando Severo who directed The Sky We Were Born Under, also has strong links with Indian social cultural contexts. His soap opera on love between a Dalit boy and a girl from upper caste became very popular in his country. The director confessed that it was a Brazilian interpretation on Indian situation but it clicked with the public in that country.