Khichdi- The Movie team hosts spoof on Common Wealth Games

MUMBAI: The team of Khichdi- The Movie  hosted a spoof on the Common Wealth Games at a suburban mall on Saturday, 3 October, the same day as the opening ceremony of the Common Wealth Games. The spoof was called the Common Health Games.

For Common Health the Khichdi team invited families for a car race these families had to push the car rather than drive it. The first to push the car across the finish line won the race.

Says a source close the Khichdi team, “The Common Health is actually the Khichdi team’s funny take on the Common Wealth Games. As the Games have been surrounded by a lot of controversies, and have had quite a dhakka start. So the Common Health event is actually a pun, as the participants gave a dhakka to the car.”