Manoj Bajpai’s films in Osian Festival

MUMBAI: Manoj Bajpai’s two films – Return to Rajpur and 1971 have been seleceted for the 9th Osian Cinefan Festival, which will be hosted in Delhi from 20 – 29 July. While as Return to Rajpur is an English American Independent film; 1971, directed by Amrit Sagar, has received rave reviews for its realistic portrayal of the war heroes.

Expressing his upbeat mood about his two films making it to the festival, Bajpai says, “I think 1971 is a great theme, which unfortunately was not marketed on a bigger scale. But, I have a huge respect for my director who came up with such a compelling tale about war. My other film, Return to Rajpur, is a niche genre and such films normally don’t make commercial success. But, I’m glad it will be featured in the festival and people can watch it.”