Mauj Mobile launches mobile games on Mahabharata

MUMBAI: Mauj Mobile has launched two mobile games designed on the Mahabharata. Formatted in 2D and 3D set-ups, the games centre around two characters – Abhimanyu and Bheeshma.

Mauj Mobile has designed a game filled with lively animations and striking graphics. Cashing on the increasing demand of mythological based content within the Indian market, the games have been developed based on the renounced war.

The first game is based on Pandava, Arjun’s 16-year-old son Abhimanyu, whereas the second game is based on Bheeshma, the legendary combatant Devevrath.

Mauj Mobile CEO Manoj Dawane said, "Infusing Indian mythology with mobile technology, we have packaged two very interesting games around the greatest epic in the Indian culture. Being one of the leading gaming companies, we identified the growing interest around mythological based content and took up the responsibility to create and offer exciting content based on Indian legend. Appealing to our consumers across age groups, our games are definite to cater to the gaming as well as conventional needs of our patrons."