Pyramid Saimira reimburses Kuselan loss to distributors


Mumbai: Pyramid Saimira has reimbursed the losses that were suffered by the distributors of Kuselan. The film distributors include those of North Arcot, Coimbatore, Tiruchy and Thirunelveli districts.

As a first move, Pyramid Saimira has reimbursed money to movie theaters that directly screened Kuselan. The theatre owners and the distributors of the movie for South Arcot, Chengalpet have mutually agreed to solve the issue amicably.

Theatre owners of North Arcot, Coimbatore, Tiruchy, Thirunelveli did not reach an agreement with the Distributors Association and hence the process of reimbursement has been delayed.

The company has suffered tremendous loss from the movie.

Although there is no clause stating reimbursement of the monies in the agreement, Pyramid Saimira on humanitarian grounds agreed to the plea of the distributors and theatre owners to give Rs 15 million (Rs 1.5 crores) as their contribution along with Rs 50 million (Rs 5 crores) given by the producers.

Pyramid Saimira has agreed to extend the reimbursement to distributors and theatre owners of Karnataka and Andhra despite the producers of the movie voicing their opinion to compensate only in Tamil Nadu.

The company has expressed its gratitude to the president and  office bearers of Tamil Movie Producers Association and the office bearers of Association of Film Distributors and Theatre Owners who have offered their full support throughout this turbulent phase. With this, the entire issue relating to the  film Kuselan is fully resolved to the satisfaction of all.