Remo expresses foul play over Taj campaign

MUMBAI: Singer Remo Fernandes has expressed apprehensions over the “Vote for Taj campaign” alleging it as a ploy by the mobile companies.
“It’s a rip off… How can anyone enter into list of wonders of world by voting on SMSs,” the singer, recently honoured with the Padmashree, questioned while talking to reporters. “I have a doubt that it could be a ploy of mobile companies to mint money… Who knows?,” he said.

The singer said there cannot be such a polling. “None of my friends abroad know about such polling to get the monuments in the list of Seven Wonders. How can India itself vote and decide? If at all there was polling for the Seven Wonders, it would have been on a global level,” he said.
The singer said ‘wonders’ should be judged by experts, historians, architects, artists and other related people. 
“Only because you have access to the mobile does not mean that you can judge,” Remo said.
The singer said Indian government should probe into the entire episode and find out whether it’s a ploy by mobile companies to make money by fooling their subscribers.